About our patient group

About our PPG

The Patient Participation Group is an important part of our health Centre. It is a group of patients representative of the patient population here at Firsway Health Centre, who we work closely with to improve services, communication or access.

All patients welcome to attend to discuss improvements we can make to our Practice. If you are interested please complete the form on the right and we will be in touch with you.

Minutes of previous PPG meetings:

28/11/2023: PPG meeting minutes

30/11/2023: PPG meeting minutes


2024 – PPG Future dates Face to Face and MSteams:

Location – Firsway Health Centre – Health Education Room and also available on MS Teams

Thursday 15th February 2024
Meeting ID: 343 938 731 626
Passcode: c2zmv3
Tuesday 14th May 2024
Meeting ID: 379 478 362 747
Passcode: kzw2rU
Thursday 16th May 2024
Meeting ID: 312 114 030 003
Passcode: UywHcP
Tuesday 13th August 2024
Meeting ID: 391 511 838 506
Passcode: jvMckR
Thursday 15th August 2024
Meeting ID: 352 396 376 402
Passcode: mBS4aG
Thursday 14th November 2024
Meeting ID: 337 773 531 842
Passcode: B9uHVt




Date published: 6th March, 2020
Date last updated: 13th December, 2023